Rowan Boeijen (1999) leaves nothing to chance when his installations are created. To the imagination: in my designs, I play with perspectives, context and I make the viewer aware of ingrained ideas and patterns that have become self-evident. In this way, I address the social appropriation of color and I am involved in stereotypical assumptions about gender. In my graduation work: “Homo Homine” I challenge male ideals of different ages and place them in a contemporary context to show a strong contrast.


In my work, I try to push the boundaries of the Spatial Design field. I would like to define myself as a multidisciplinary artist, from autonomous visual arts to fashion. I am open to other fields and would like to meet.


A recurring theme with me is time, in all shapes and sizes. The past, in which I reflect on dated assumptions about masculinity; the present to show how we as a society are now looking at gender codes; and the future in which I try to depict predictions about men. I try to process my own time-consciousness into new perspectives on our current lifestyle; in order to create awareness for every day, such as stereotypes around gender. With the images, I want to amaze, shock and amuse the viewer.